Our Machines

We have a fully equipped modern workshop using machines with the latest technology.

Newen Single Point Seat Cutting Machine

Used for:

  • Valve seat cutting
  • Especially for performance applications where a specific seat profile is required.
Newen Single Point Cutter

Rottler Hone

Used for:

  • Cylinder honing using the latest diamond stone technology
  • Ensures accuracy and consistent surface finishes.
Rottler Hone

Berco 225 Auto-Hydraulic Crank Grinder

Used for:

  • Grinding crankshafts
  • From small single cylinder engines to large diesel engines.
Berco 225

Repco RT-7 Cam Grinder

Used for:

  • Grinding camshafts
  • Approximately 500 cam masters available.


Repco Cam Grinder

Robbi Spes

Used for:

  • Boring and decking cylinder blocks
  • Setting up off the main tunnels
  • Ensuring that bores and decks are true and square to each other.
  • It has a large boring capacity and surfacing capacity up to 300mm wide and 1000mm long.
Robbi Spes

BERCO Cylinder Head Line Borer

Used for:

  • We have two of these machines specifically set up to surface cylinder heads
  • Using a Winfield jig and for surfacing inline cylinder blocks.
  • Both machines utilise CBN and PCD cutting tips to ensure perfect surface finishes every time.
  • They both have 1300mm surface length capability.
Berco Line Borer